Our Curriculum

The school’s curriculum is the sum total of all the child’s experiences at school, rather than an aggregate of academic subjects taught. Children learn by doing and through purposeful play.

Since the world of the future cannot be fully anticipated, we believe that reasoning, solving problems, exploring ideas, experimenting and reaching conclusions, engaging in creative work, and interacting with others help to educate more fully than mere training through academic drill and memorization. Thus the teachers plan activities that will be meaningful to children as they think about numbers, develop literacy or work out social/emotional relationships. The teachers actively support, not pressure, children to think and develop at their own rate. There should be an understanding of the necessity of rules to govern individual and group conduct. The children learn to expect fairness, consistency, affection, and respect from teachers. They discover the joy of mastering skills and basic knowledge, and of applying them. Mary Meyer School provides varied opportunities for each child to live and learn as fully as possible at each stage of his growth.

The Role of the Teacher

The teachers at Mary Meyer believe in helping children find the capacity for empathy, kindness and listening. They help children learn patience with themselves and others. The teachers assist the children in making and sharing friendships. They foster an environment where children learn how to behave responsibly in a group. They also facilitate activities that capture the interests of the children while helping them to take safe risks and try new things. Above all, the teachers strive to make Mary Meyer School a place where children feel self-confident and happy.

Everyone at Mary Meyer School is committed to making a child’s first introduction to school positive and, of course, fun. All of our teachers are trained in early childhood education and posses a deep commitment to the needs of three, four and five year old children. With a child to teacher ratio of 6 to 1, Mary Meyer School provides a small and intimate environment where each child is known and valued for his or her unique contribution to the classroom. We want to be an active part of your child’s life, and we welcome an open communication between teachers and the director and parents. We have two formal parent teacher conferences per year to discuss your child’s progress. However, we are available to meet informally to discuss your child’s experience. We are just as likely to contact you to discuss a particular concern as we are to tell you a great or funny story about your child’s day. We want to celebrate with you your child’s daily achievements.

Typical Daily Schedule

Time Activity
30mins Arrival and Free Play
15mins Meeting. We sing the “hello song”, “who’s here song”, and discuss the daily jobs. There may be a presentation of new projects, activities, or playthings as well as a group conversation about topics of interest to the children.
50mins Work Time. Children explore the classroom, and they develop eagerness and curiosity as learners by taking initiative in actions, practice appropriate communication skills by engaging in cooperative play, begin to share materials and experiences and use the classroom environment purposefully and respectfully. The varied areas of the classroom allow the children to explore the domains of language arts, physical development, mathematics, science, social studies and fine arts.
10mins Clean-Up
10mins Book Time. Children look at books independently, sing songs and then listen to a story read to them by a teacher.
20mins Hand Washing and Snack
35mins Outside Play in our “Playgarden”
10mins Dismissal. Children collect belongings, sing our “goodbye song” and meet up with parents and caregivers outside.